$16 Million Verdict for Pedestrian

A Sacramento jury returned a verdict of $16 million in a lawsuit involving a young doctor who was hit by a car and permanently disabled while using a crosswalk the city knew to be dangerous.

Eureka and Arcata residents know that the fate of the young woman who was hit in Sacramento could have easily been visited upon any number of pedestrians attempting to cross our city streets each day.

In our Eureka personal injury lawyer practice we have been receiving an increased number of cases involving pedestrians who are hit in the crosswalks by inattentive drivers.   At the intersection of  5th and I Streets, near the courthouse, drivers often honk at pedestrians who are legally crossing the roadway as if the pedestrians forgot to yield the right of way to vehicular traffic.   Drivers typically zoom past pedestrians waiting on the corners of crosswalks without even slowing down, much less yielding.  The problem has become so prevalent that The Janssen Law Firm has contacted Eureka Chief of  Police Garr Nielsen, who has stated that the police officers are going to increase their enforcement because the problem has not gone unnoticed.

We encourage members of the community to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks in Humboldt County.  Failing to yield to our community members needlessly endangers everyone.  It is not just the law, it can also help prevent the tragedy recently addressed by the Sacramento jury.