2009 Street Fighter of the Year finalist

Consumer Attorneys of California ("CAOC") have selected  Janssen Law Firm Lawyer  Patrik Griego as a finalist for 2009 Street Fighter of the Year.

The Janssen Firm is proud to announce that throughout the entire state of California,  Patrik Griego has been selected as 1 of only 7 finalists for this prestigious award.  The finalists will be honored, and the winner announced, during an award ceremony on November 14, 2009 in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel.

Each year the CAOC award honors a plaintiffs'  lawyer who achieved a significant result in a case that exemplifies the everyday struggles of the lawyers fighting for justice in California.  Mr. Griego was nominated for this years award based on his representation of more than one thousand Humboldt County low wage workers in their struggle to recover compensation for unpaid overtime wages.

Factors to be considered to select the finalists and the winner include:

1.  Whether the case exemplifies how trial lawyers use their skill and determination to create a more just society, regardless of profit or personal benefit;
2.  Whether the case demonstrates a particular skill of the lawyer in achieving the result;
3.  Whether the attorney faced unusual obstacles, great risk, or incredible odds s/he had to overcome;
4.  Whether the case and/or attorney stands out in comparison to similar case results or settlement offers.

The Janssen Firm asks Humboldt County to join us in congratulating and wishing good luck to one of our own local attorneys for this honor.