Skilled Healthcare - Judge Denies Mistrial Motion

On August 27, 2010, the Honorable Judge W. Bruce Watson denied Skilled Healthcare's Motion for Mistrial Based on Alleged Juror Misconduct.   After reviewing the declarations submitted by the defendants and the counter declarations submitted by plaintiffs the Court ruled that there was no juror misconduct and that "Defendants did not meet their burden of establishing misconduct, although the three affidavits presented constitute a prime facie showing of misconduct, they are rebutted in all important aspects by the counter declarations."   Contrary to claims by defendants, the counter declarations revealed that the juror in question did not make any false statements, did not fail to disclose any information, and did not know one of the plaintiffs or have prior knowledge of an event regarding one of the defendants.

The Court's Order preserves the largest jury verdict in the United States this year and the largest recorded jury verdict in Humboldt County.

Read the court's entire ruling here.