September 2009

$3.6 million judgment for Huntzinger

On Friday September 25, 2009, Attorney Michael Crowley of the Janssen Law Firm presented testimony from Nancy Huntzinger and other evidence before Superior Court Judge John Feeney regarding the wrongful death damages in her lawsuit against Defendant Stephen Hash, who killed her then fourteen year old son, Curtis Huntzinger, in 1990.  Judge Feeney awarded Ms. Huntzinger a 3.6 million dollar wrongful death judgment commenting to her in court, “Clearly, no monetary judgment can compensate you for the loss of your son,” and offered his condolences for her loss.



If you have been arrested for a DUI in Humboldt County,  you were likely given a pink notice of suspension and temporary driver's license at the time of your arrest or release from jail.   It is important that you seek legal advice immediately because you have only ten (10) days after receipt of the notice of suspension to request a Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV") hearing or your license will be administratively suspended by the DMV.   If you are 21 years of age or older, and took a blood, breath, or urine test, and the results showed .08% Blood Alcohol Content ("BAC") or more,  a firs



For years estate planners have been extolling the virtues of a revocable trust primarily to avoid the need for a probate of a decedent’s estate.   Now we have another reason to recommend a revocable trust to our client: the number of probate filing fees have significantly increased.

A provision of 2008’s Filing Fees legislation has significantly increased the number of probate filing fees for many probate proceedings.



Proper handling of premise liability “slip and fall” cases requires a lawyer to be familiar with the applicable building codes in order to prove liability and establish damages.   Slips,  trips, and falls caused by negligently maintained property or premises result in serious injuries to members of our community.   Recognizing the failure to comply with required building codes is essential to the successful prosecution of a premises liability