November 2009

The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

As noted elsewhere on our website, a significant number of motorists are driving without liability insurance (“uninsured”) or inadequately insured (“under-insured”).   Many law abiding Humboldt County drivers learn to their distress that the careless driver who injured them or one of their family,  either has no insurance at all or only the minimum required under the California law ($15,000.00 of liability coverage).  Most people don’t think about securing the appropriate amount of uninsured or under-insured coverage for themselves, because they don’t plan on being seriously injured by a ju


2009 Street Fighter of the Year

Patrik Griego of the Eureka firm of Janssen, Malloy, Needham, Morrison, Reinholtsen, Crowley & Griego, LLP has been selected as Consumer Attorneys of California's ("CAOC") Street Fighter of the Year.  The award winner was announced at CAOC’s 48th Annual Convention Saturday in San Francisco.  The achievement was recognized by the California State Senate, who issued a declaration of recognit


New DMV and DUI laws for 2009

Important new laws pertaining to DUI and other driving violations are contained at the DMV website.  The laws heighten penalties for anyone driving after drinking alcohol who is on court-ordered post-DUI probation.  The new laws also give greater consideration to the use of ignition interlock devices for DUI convictions and for those with a prior DUI conviction who is subsequently convicted of driving on a suspended license.   A summary of some of the new laws is listed below and a full list is contained