April 2010

Goldman Sachs--A Cautionary Tale for Employers

If you follow the news, you are familiar with Goldman Sachs’ current spotlight in the hot seat.   And you may know that the Securities and Exchange Commission used a Goldman Sachs’ employee’s e-mail to draft its historic complaint against the company for fraud, which also brought Congressional hearings in which Goldman Sachs’ executives have to testify, as well as intense media scrutiny.   Local employers should use this financial giant as a cautionary tale.


Lawsuit Filed to Stop Early Release of Inmates

As Humboldt County lawyers, we are seeing many requests for early releases from the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and prison based on new legislation to address overcrowding.   Crime victim advocacy groups have recently joined California lawmakers in filing a lawsuit against new potential legislation that would allow the state to release around 6,500 inmates this year before their prison sentences ended.   The new legislation would conflict with a voter-approved initiative that prohibits early releases to solve overcrowding problems, the lawsuit alleges.