January 2011

Auto Accident - Important Things to Remember

That automobile accidents are a fact of modern life is undisputed, yet most of us assume such things happen to others.   When a paralegal and lawyer from the Janssen Law Firm, while out serving papers in Eureka, California, were struck by a car darting out of an alley  it was a bit of a struggle to remember just what to do.

The obvious was easy-- anybody hurt?  When the answer to that is "no" the police do not have time to investigate and you must be sure to get the pertinent information.   Following is a list of the type of  information you should obtain.


Justice Carlos Moreno Retiring

On January 5, 2011 California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno announced his planned resignation to Governor Jerry Brown, who must now appoint a replacement justice after Moreno leaves his post on February 28.   As reported in a story in SF Gate, Moreno stated that the Governor’s victory gave him some comfort about who his replacement might be.   He also stated that he may work in alternative dispute resolution or perhaps at a private law firm.


Making a Nursing Home Decision

Because of the success the Janssen Law Firm had in litigation against nursing homes, people often ask us what they should look for in determining whether to put their loved one in such a home.   Starting January 1, 2011, it will be easier to make that determination.

As of that date, all California nursing homes will be required to post the ratings for that facility under the MEDICARE 5-STAR RATING SYSTEM.  That system looks at three different criteria to determine home’s rating: (1) health inspections; (2) staffing numbers; and (3) quality measures.