June 2012

North Coast Marine Protected Areas Adopted

On June 6, 2012, the California Department of Fish and Game adopted a network of marine protected areas in the North Coast study region, spanning from Alder Creek near Point Arena in Mendocino County north to the California-Oregon border.  This marks the end of a lengthy, three year public planning process to implement California’s Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) in this region.  The North Coast  is the fourth of five MLPA study regions to undergo this regulatory process, completing California’s coastal marine protected area network envisioned by the MLPA and leaving waters within the San


The Late Lunch

Many employees would appreciate taking a late lunch for a variety of reasons: to pick kids up from school, to visit elderly friends or relatives before going home, or just to get any number of errands done before the close of the business day.  It may seem like late lunch requests increase in the summer season.  Many employers would like to accommodate such requests.  Despite recent case law clarifying that employers just have to make meal periods and rest breaks available to employees, the "late lunch" could still get California employers into (expensive) hot water.  Failing to record meal


Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill Clears Assembly

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Humboldt County and Del Norte County have faced an uncertain legal landscape because of a recent push by both local and federal officials to claim that California’s medical marijuana laws do not permit the selling of medical marijuana to members of a cooperative, despite published guidelines by California’s Attorney General which do permit such sales.  A recent crackdown in Del Norte County of a marijuana cooperative operating within the law has sent waves of fear into the community of patients in Crescent City.