June 2013

1/4 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Action

Janssen Malloy LLP by partner Michael Crowley recently obtained a $260,000 recovery in a wrongful death matter arising out of a motorcycle/vehicle collision near Lakeport, California.  The plaintiffs were the adult sisters of the motorcyclist, 57 year old David Criswell who was driving his motorcycle on Soda Bay Road near Clear Lake when the defendant driver ran a stop sign at Park Road, causing fatal injuries to Mr. Criswell.  Mr.


Recordkeeping Critical in New DLSE Actions

Humboldt County employers have more incentive than ever to keep accurate wage records for their employees.  The California Labor Commissioner released a summary  (available here) of enforcement actions by its Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (“DLSE”), the agency that scrutinizes and enforces wage laws for California employers, for the last two years.  According to the Labor Commissioner, 2011 and 2012 resulted in more minimum and overtime wages found owing to Ca