October 2013

Logging Accidents/Injuries: A Complex Picture

The recent news that there were three separate logging-related accidents resulting in deaths in Humboldt County underscores the dangers involved with one of our region’s traditional occupations.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists logging as one of the most dangerous of our nation’s work categories.  Logging occurs in rough, remote terrain, with heavy equipment and risk exposures unique to this industry.  When a serious injury or death occurs in the course of timber falling, yarding, or loading, uncovering liability is challenging and requires counsel familiar wi


Are You Covered?

While some employer provisions of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) have been delayed, October 1, 2013, was still the deadline for Humboldt County employers who are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) to provide a notice of health care coverage options to their employees.  If you’re a Humboldt County employer who is covered by the FLSA (see below), you were required to provide all provide current employees with written notice regarding their new health insurance marketplace coverage options—to us, that’s Covered California


How to Include Pets in Your Estate Planning

Humboldt County residents who value their pets should make plans to care for them in their estate plan.  If you should become incompetent before you die, a properly prepared durable power of attorney and revocable living trust can be used to provide care for your pets. Upon your death, your revocable living trust or will can provide for your pets’ long term care.