January 2014

Cancer Care in Humboldt County

Humboldt County is fortunate to now have in place an expanded cancer care program. St. Joseph Hospital, in Eureka, is part of a new collaboration between the cancer care community and Stanford University School of Medicine. A good description of the development of the cooperative effort is published in The North Coast Journal's January 23, 2014 edition. As both community members and counsel to many health care providers, the attorneys and staff of Janssen Malloy LLP thank and congratulate those responsible for bringing this asset to the area, with particular gratitude to Dr.


New CA Law - Overtime for Personal Attendants

Along with resolutions, the new year often brings new laws into effect.  2014 is no exception, as multiple new California laws became effective on January 1.  California Assembly Bill 241, singed by Governor Brown in September 2013 and effective January 1, 2014, establishes the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights and affects personal caregivers and other personal attendants and their eligibility for overtime pay, adding sections 1450 – 1454 to the California Labor Code.  The new law provides that caregivers and personal attendants employed in private homes in California are entitled to one and a


Whistleblowers: Not Just Whistling Dixie

Beginning in January 2014, California’s whistleblower laws expand, and Humboldt County employers should be aware of the changes. Where employees who did, in fact, report violations of laws to governmental agencies were protected by California’s whistleblower law, in 2014 the law is extended to cover those employees who whistleblow internally (i.e., up the chain of command).