April 2014

California Releases Crab Trap Appeals Data

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recently released new data regarding California commercial Dungeness crab landings and appeals of trap limits by fishermen under the new trap limit program. The release of the data coincided with the first 2014 Dungeness Crab Task Force meeting, held in Ukiah on April 22, 2014. The meeting was also the first gathering of the Task Force since the new trap limit program went into effect at the beginning of the 2013-2014 commercial Dungeness season.


Consider Your B.R.N License

Nursing is a rewarding profession. Here in the rural areas of Northern California like Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, nurses garner a great deal of respect. And, we recognize that their jobs carry a certain amount of stress.

On occasion, one stress factor is a licensing action by the nurse's licensing agency. Since 2009, the Board of Registered Nursing in California has been adding enforcement staff. Anecdotal evidence tells us that enforcement actions by the B.R.N. have increased significantly in the last three to four years.


New Farm Bill Raises New Questions in Wage Law

If you haven’t heard, President Obama recently signed into law the new Agricultural Act of 2014, otherwise known as the Farm Bill. While being generally well-received, the bill has a few wrinkles in response to recent controversies regarding wages paid to agricultural workers. Prior to the recent Farm Bill, the Labor Department, with authority from the “hot goods” provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, had the power to block the transportation, shipment, delivery or sale of goods produced by workers not being paid minimum wage or required overtime.


Janssen Malloy Settles HSU Police Brutality Case

Janssen Malloy LLP recently obtained a six figure settlement for a victim of police brutality by a Humboldt State University (HSU) police officer. Janssen Malloy understands that many police officers are falsely accused of excessive force. And we have taken pride in defending such officers when they are falsely accused. But when we reviewed the video of what occurred recently to a local young man who was pulled over without any legal basis and then maliciously kneed in the head by an HSU police officer who came to our community from Oakland P.D.