January 2016

New Environmental Regulations on Cannabis Cultivation

Are you growing cannabis? By February 15, 2016, cultivators with 2000 square feet or more of cultivated area are required to enroll in a new water quality regulatory program with the North Coast Water Quality Control Board (NCWQCB).
NCWQCB’s Order No. R1-2015-0023 (Order) includes enforceable requirements which cultivators need to become familiar with to ensure their operations do not impact water resources. The primary elements of the Order are listed below.
A Tiered Enrollment Structure


California Court Walks Fine Line Between Speech and Resisting Arrest

Whenever someone gives law enforcement lip, refuses to provide identifying information, or even verbally attempts to interfere with an investigation, our constitutional rights to free speech and to remain silent are in tension with an often-used California law prohibiting resisting, delaying, or obstructing a peace officer, public official, or EMT when that person is engaged in the performance of his or her duties, Penal Code section 148(a)(1).