February 2017

Criminal Restitution and Insurance in Personal Injury Cases

While representing individuals who have been harmed by the intentional, or in some instances, negligent, criminal conduct of others in personal injury cases in civil suits, Janssen Malloy LLP's attorneys work to help crime victims and their families secure a criminal restitution order to offset damages that the civil lawsuit alone may not cover.  Insurance policy limits, medical expense liens, or other factors that apply in the civil case may leave the crime victim with uncompensated economic losses.  In California, all people who suffer losses as a result of criminal activity have a constitut


Some of CA's New 2017 Laws

Amelia Burroughs recently posted about California's exempt salary increase, which can be read here.
Many other new laws went into effect January 1. Here are a few:
  1. Drivers are no longer allowed to use wireless electronic devices including phones unless they are mounted to the dashboard or windshield in a manner that does not obstruct the driver's view.