November 2017

Litigation as an Investigative Tool in Special Circumstances

Generally when people think about civil litigation - lawsuits - they think about suing some known or at least identifiable individual or entity. The paradigmatic example would be a motor vehicle accident in which John Smith runs a red light, hitting your vehicle, causing you property damage and injuring you. Perhaps, in that scenario, your attorney might file suit against John Smith and in preparing the case for trial learn that John Smith shares blame with the City for maintaining a dangerous intersection where the timing of the traffic lights is off, causing motor vehicle accidents.


Timber Trespass

Last week I wrote about trespassing neighbors, whose activities, structures, commercial activity, or personal property encroach onto your property. This week I am covering what happens when a neighbor - either negligently or intentionally - crosses onto another landowner’s property and cuts down a tree or trees. California, like many other states, see this as a particularly offensive civil wrong, and therefore has enacted a particular statute that sets forth how the wrong may be punished.


Holy MACRA-oni; It’s Here

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) reformed the way physicians and clinicians will be paid for medical services under Medicare Part B.  Prior Medicare reporting systems have been replaced with MACRA.  Humboldt County physicians and practices should contact the Health Services Advisory Group and the California Health Information Partnership & Services Organization (CalHIPSO) for no-cost technical assistance to help you prepare.  Do not hesitate to contact CalHIPSO.