June 2019

Think Your Facebook/Instagram Post is Private? Think Again

It is common these days for people (especially younger people) to post photos and information about themselves and their activities on Facebook, Instagram or other social network platforms.  When people post these photos and messages, they usually are not thinking that such information will be available to the opposing side in litigation should they get injured and be pursuing a damage claim or lawsuit against the responsible party.  A recent example serves to illustrate the point. 


Can’t Chalk This: Federal Appeals Court Finds Practice of Chalking Car Tires Unconstitutional

Federal courts are often called upon to rule on hotly-contested, politically controversial cases.  That may delight those on one side of an issue and deeply disappoint those on the other. But unless you enforce parking ordinances, chances are good that if you have any reaction whatsoever to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Taylor v. City of Saginaw, it will be a positive one. Plaintiff Alison Taylor sued Saginaw, Michigan, after city employees marked the tires of her car and thereafter ticketed her no fewer than 15 times in three years.