$250,000 Policy Limit Recovery

Janssen Malloy LLP attorney Michael Crowley recently obtained the $250,000 insurance policy limit in a motorcycle crash case for one of his clients.   Plaintiff Kitty Braley, a 49 year-old community college student from Olympia, WA, was a passenger on a motorcycle that crashed on Highway 299 outside Arcata, CA. The motorcycle’s driver lost control of the motorbike, and Ms. Braley was ejected, sustaining a serious left shoulder injury, an acromioclavicular separation which required reconstructive surgery.  Unfortunately, post-operatively Ms. Braley developed an infection in the surgical wound site, requiring a second surgery.  Her post-surgery course included several months of antibiotic infusion therapy via a skin portal to resolve the problem.

The matter settled for the defendant’s policy limits shortly after Ms. Braley’s deposition in Seattle, Washington and just before the expiration date of plaintiff’s CCP Section 998 Offer to Compromise (a statutory settlement offer with a time fuse, intended to sharpen the focus of the defendant’s insurer on the risk of exposure on damages at trial).  Janssen Malloy LLP is experienced in litigating such cases to resolution, often early in the litigation process.  Mr. Crowley and the other lawyers at Janssen Malloy LLP have the needed trial experience and expertise to handle complex personal injury matters, and stand ready to assist members of our community who are injured through the negligent conduct of others.