$800,000 Settlement for Hand Crush Injury

Janssen Law Firm partner, Michael J. Crowley, recently settled a log landing hand crush injury case for $800,000.00.  Log truck driver, Richard Neves, was in the process of attaching a second trailer to an already loaded trailer stacked full of redwood logs when the heel boom operator unsafely lifted the grapples of the loader, causing Mr. Neves’ hand to be crushed against a redwood log.  The defendant disputed both liability and damages until shortly before trial.

The case illustrates the challenges of putting on a complex personal injury matter.  The plaintiff’s logging practices safety expert, Dr. John Garland, of Oregon State University, in Corvalis, Oregon, did  site inspections of the actual heel boom loader, logging truck and trailer used on the date of the incident to provide information regarding the safety lapses that led to the injury.

In addition to the testimony from Mr. Neves’ treating orthopaedic surgeon regarding the nature and permanent effects from the crush injury, Plaintiff’s counsel engaged vocational rehabilitation expert James McGowan and economist Mark Cohen to provide testimony regarding the impact of the injury had on Mr. Neves’ employability, and his lost earnings as a result of the hand crush injury.

Michael Crowley and the other partners at the Janssen Law Firm have handled numerous log landing, timber falling, and logging operations cases that resulted in serious injury or death to members of our community in Humboldt County.  Their expertise in such matters assists the injured and their loved ones in obtaining justice and full compensation for injuries caused by the dangerous conduct of others.