Consumer Attorney of the Year Award Nominations

Janssen Malloy LLP partners, W. Timothy Needham, Michael J. Crowley, Patrik Griego and Amelia F. Burroughs have been nominated by Consumer Attorneys of California for the organization’s Consumer Attorney of the Year Award.  The nomination arises from the firm’s handling of the seminal jury verdict case of 2010, Lavender vs. Skilled Healthcare LLC.  The Janssen Law Firm, along with co-counsel Michael Thamer and Christopher Healey, obtained the largest jury verdict in the United States in 2010, $677 million dollars.  The case had a significant impact on the healthcare industry, specifically the skilled nursing facilities throughout the nation.

The verdict has forced corporations that operate skilled nursing facilities to pay attention to the minimum nurse staffing requirements necessary to ensure the health and safety of the residents.

Janssen Malloy LLP partners W. Timothy Needham and Michael J. Crowley spent seven months in trial on Lavender vs. Skilled Healthcare LLC in 2010.   Both Mr. Needham and Mr. Crowley have served on the Board of Governors of the Consumer Attorneys of California, and Patrik Griego currently serves on that organization’s Board of Governors.

The Consumer Attorneys of California champions the rights of injured people, safety and responsibility, and the right to trial by jury.