Delegating to Physician Assistants

You’ve graduated from school, received your license, and you now have a job as a Physician Assistant.  Congratulations!  You should know, however, that a number of California laws continue to regulate your practice.  In particular, your employer should help you implement a written agreement that specifically addresses what medical services will be delegated by your supervising physician.  This is called the “Delegation of Services Agreement,” and California statutes and regulations require that it be signed by you and your supervising physician or physicians.  You are not permitted to provide medical services that are not delegated in writing within the agreement.  You can provide medical services pursuant to more than one Delegation of Services Agreement, but all of the agreements must be in writing and signed and dated by you and your supervising physician. Thus, if the scope of the care that you provide changes over time, be sure you and your employer revisit the Delegation of Services Agreement to ensure the agreement includes those services.  In the event that any patient or former patient lodges a complaint with the Medical Board of California, which has jurisdiction over the Physician Assistant Board,  concerning the care you provided, the Medical Board will request that you provide in response the Delegation of Services Agreement, among other documents.

If you are a Physician Assistant in Humboldt County and have any questions or concerns about which laws affect your practice as a Physician Assistant, please do not hesitate to seek legal advice.