Eel River Task Force Established

Various public agencies, conservation groups, tribes, and other stakeholders have recently joined together to form the Eel River Task Force. The task force is aimed at coordinating the efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders to work towards improving the health of the Eel River watershed.
The Eel River is the third largest watershed contained entirely within the state of California. Locally, the Klamath River watershed is larger than that of the Eel, but it extends beyond California and into Oregon. The health of the Eel River and its fisheries has long been a topic of discussion and concern.  The impacts of logging, water diversion, development, and the introduction of non-native species have all impacted the ecosystem.  While the watershed was once home to large populations of Chinook and coho salmon and winter and summer steelhead, these salmonid populations are heavily impaired.  Excessive sediment, reduced flows, and increased water temperatures are three primary concerns.
The task force aims to meet on a monthly basis to consider possible ways to accomplish its goals. Charter members of the task force include California Trout, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Potter Valley Irrigation District, Friends of the Eel River, Us Fish and Wildlife Service, and many others including additional governmental agencies and conservation groups. These diverse task force members participate on a voluntary basis.  The task force aims to hold a meeting open to the public on an annual basis. More information on the Eel River Task Force is available via California Trout at