Eureka Lawyer Obtains $725,000 Settlement

On June 8, 2011 Patrik Griego of  The Janssen Law Firm achieved a $725,000 award for a client injured in a car accident with an uninsured driver, Mr. Lewison.  Mr. Lewison suffered severe back injuries requiring a bi-level spinal fusion.  Mr. Lewison's insurance company initially offered to pay Mr. Lewison $60,000.  The Janssen Law Firm rejected that offer and after almost three years of litigation Mr. Lewison's insurance company offered $725,000 on the first day of arbitration after it became clear that Mr. Lewison would not accept less than full value for his injuries.

The claim involved an auto accident in Orange County, California.  Mr. Lewison t-boned Mr. Orozco-Garcia when Mr. Orozco-Garcia, an unlicensed driver, made an unsafe and illegal left turn at an intersection thereby unnecessarily endangering Mr. Lewison and his wife who were proceeding straight through the intersection.  As a result of the accident Mr. Lewison suffered lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spinal injuries, resulting in a bi-level spinal fusion at the L4-S1 level.  Mr. Lewison also suffered permanent and severe urological and intestinal damage as a result of the accident and subsequent medical treatment.  Mr. Griego provided expert testimony from Mr. Lewison's physicians that  Mr. Lewison, a young man at the time of the accident, was limited to working part-time for the remainder of his life and was unable to perform most household services for his family.  The insurance company defendant hired an expert to contradict these opinions but upon examination the insurer's own expert agreed that Mr. Lewison's injuries were caused by the accident and would prevent him from obtaining employment in the future.

In order to achieve the correct results in this case, The Janssen  Law Firm traveled throughout Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and California to meet with and depose multiple medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, and economists.  The insurance company drove up the costs of the litigation and would have made handling the matter difficult for a small law firm due to the time and financial commitments involved.

As an insured, one should expect that their insurer will pay the reasonable value for a case.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  If you or a friend are not being treated fairly by your insurer after being injured by an uninsured motorist please contact us for a free consultation.