Janssen Malloy Settles HSU Police Brutality Case

Janssen Malloy LLP recently obtained a six figure settlement for a victim of police brutality by a Humboldt State University (HSU) police officer. Janssen Malloy understands that many police officers are falsely accused of excessive force. And we have taken pride in defending such officers when they are falsely accused. But when we reviewed the video of what occurred recently to a local young man who was pulled over without any legal basis and then maliciously kneed in the head by an HSU police officer who came to our community from Oakland P.D. we filed a case in Federal Court to obtain justice and shine a spotlight on this bad behavior. Our client had no criminal record, was unarmed, barefoot, and on his knees with one hand behind his back when HSU Officer Delmar Tompkins reared his leg back and kneed our client in the head. The same police officer, Officer Delmar Tompkins, had been the subject of a prior excessive force lawsuit while at Oakland P.D. in which Oakland paid the victim to settle that lawsuit. We filed suit against Delmar Tompkins and other involved officers and supervisors for excessive force and related claims. HSU agreed to settle the lawsuit and pay our client $135,000. Although that amount will never make up for what happened to our client, we hope it achieved at least some comfort and recompense for a traumatic event that was unnecessary and will affect our client for the rest of his life.

A link to an article on that settlement can be found here.