Policy Limits Recovery for Victim of Drunk Driver

Janssen Malloy LLP recently obtained the defendants' combined insurance policy limits for a client who was the victim of a drunk driver in Eureka, California.   Plaintiff, Paula Paine, was driving on Broadway near Pierson Building Center when a drunk driver lost control of her vehicle, striking Ms. Paine's vehicle head-on.  Ms. Paine's vehicle was totaled in the collision, and she was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital, where she was hospitalized for four days.  In addition to abdominal, shoulder and knee injuries, she also lost time from work.

Despite the crash occurring in early January 2012, the Department of Justice's criminology lab has still not completed the toxicology analysis of the defendant driver's blood sample, which illustrates some of the challenges facing California's criminal justice and judicial systems.  California's budget crisis has significantly impacted both criminal and civil justice, with the lack of adequate funding causing delays which affect the administration and delivery of justice to our community.  Fortunately for our client,  Janssen Malloy LLP was able to resolve the matter for the defendants' insurance coverage limits even though the criminal prosecution of the defendant driver has been delayed.

Hopefully, the passage of Proposition 30 will help relieve some of the critical budgetary pressures that have been preventing more timely criminal charging decisions, resulting in a better delivery of both criminal and civil justice for our citizens.