Trucking Claim Settles for $1,000.000 policy limit

The Janssen Law Firm recently resolved a semi-truck/vehicle head-on collision case for the trucking insurer’s one million dollar policy limit.  The semi-truck driver employed by a trucking company out of Washington State fell asleep at the wheel while traveling Southbound on Interstate 5 North of Williams, California.  The big rig traversed the center median area and collided head-on with a young couple driving Northbound on Interstate 5.  The impact demolished the car our clients were in, and caused serious injuries to the driver, including an open left humerus fracture, splenic lacerations, chest pulmonary contusions, and left transverse fractures of cervical vertebral level 7 and thoracic vertebral level 1.  The driver’s open fractures required two separate bone graft surgeries, including the acute care surgery to implant hardware to reconstruct the limb.

The passenger sustained a fractured collarbone and a serious concussion injury.

Michael Crowley of the Janssen Law Firm handled the matter.   Knowing that prompt and effective early investigation is essential in trucking litigation matters, he immediately dispatched an investigator to the tow yard where the semi-rig was stored post-collision, getting photographs and measurements, including the Department of Transportation (DOT) number on the side of the rig.  The DOT number provided crucial information regarding the insurance coverage on the vehicle, the trucking company that owned it and employed the driver, and allowed for prompt investigation of any assets beyond the policy limits for the trucking company.

Trucking litigation can be complex and expensive.  In this case, our clients were from the Los Angeles area, the incident occurred in Colusa County North of Sacramento, trauma surgeons from Chico, California did the initial acute care surgeries, and subsequent bone graft surgeries were performed up in Spokane, Washington (where the parents of the driver lived and where he returned to rehabilitate from his injury).

The Janssen Law Firm is experienced in handling trucking litigation, and understands the insurance coverage issues and the potential liens that can effect the outcome for our clients.  The Janssen Law Firm was able to negotiate down potential health insurance liens to maximize the recovery of our clients.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking or motor vehicle incident, the experienced attorneys at the Janssen Law Firm are ready to assist you to achieve a just and fair result.