Brain Injuries

The human brain is an extremely complex organ. Proving the nature and severity of a brain injury requires an attorney's thorough understanding of the brain's anatomy, structure, and functions.  Janssen Malloy LLP's attorneys have successfully assisted clients who have sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI) arising from automobile and truck collisions, log landing and timber falling incidents, and vehicle/bicycle collisions. Proof of brain injury claims presents challenging medical issues and requires the use of specialized expert testimony.  Janssen Malloy LLP's attorneys work with experts in the fields of rehabilitation, life care planning, neurology, neurosurgery, and neuropsychology to forcefully present the extent of our clients' injuries. We are prepared to assist our clients to obtain full and fair compensation for these devastating injuries.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling brain injury cases, and are ready to explain what legal remedies are available to you for these serious injuries. Contact us for a free consultation.