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North Coast Salmon Season Dates Proposed

Earlier this week, the Pacific Fishery Management Council ("PFMC") adopted recreational and commercial ocean salmon season recommendations for the West Coast, including the North Coast of California. The proposed recreational salmon season on the north coast, from the Oregon/California border south to Horse Mountain, runs from June 1 through Labor Day, September 3, 2018. The proposed commercial season is more detailed, with intermittent openings and varying quotas along the northern California coast.


Abalone Fishery Closed for 2018

The California Fish and Game Commission unanimously voted earlier this week to close the sport abalone fishery statewide for the entirety of 2018. The decision follows several years of increased restrictions on the fishery including reduced season length, bag limits, and other measures aimed at lowering the number of abalone harvested. Despite these measures, scientific surveys show declining abalone populations along with environmental conditions adverse to the mollusks.


Transferring a Salmon Permit from a Lost Vessel

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife regulates and facilitates the issuance, maintenance, and transfers of California commercial salmon permits. In general, permits can be transferred between vessels in certain circumstances, including upon the loss, theft, or destruction of the permitted vessel. Transfers following one of these events, however, are subject to strict restrictions and time limits.


Florida Fisherman at the US Supreme Court

Last month, the US Supreme Court heard oral argument in Yates v. United States, a case involving a commercial fisherman and the destruction of evidence. In 2007, John Yates, a commercial fisherman in Florida, was stopped by state officials who determined that seventy two red grouper were undersized. The official cited Mr. Yates and ordered him to preserve the evidence- the undersized grouper - and return to shore. On the return trip however, Mr.


California Releases Crab Trap Appeals Data

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recently released new data regarding California commercial Dungeness crab landings and appeals of trap limits by fishermen under the new trap limit program. The release of the data coincided with the first 2014 Dungeness Crab Task Force meeting, held in Ukiah on April 22, 2014. The meeting was also the first gathering of the Task Force since the new trap limit program went into effect at the beginning of the 2013-2014 commercial Dungeness season.


Crab Season Opens Under New Trap Limit Laws

As the holiday season approaches, so does California’s Dungeness commercial crab season. Set to open in Central California, south of the Mendocino-Sonoma county line, on November 15, and in early December northern portions of the state, the 2013-2014 season will be the first commercial crab season under the new trap limit laws. While in previous seasons, the number of crab pots commercial crab fishermen could fish was not limited by law, new statutes and regulations now assign each California commercial Dungeness crab permit a maximum number of traps that may be used.


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