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Responding to Humboldt County Nuisance and Abatement Actions

Humboldt County Code Enforcement Unit is currently sending notices of violation and proposed administrative civil penalty notices to landowners based upon satellite imaging.  The notices order the recipients to correct or otherwise remedy the violation within 10 calendar days or risk fines of $10,000 per day. 
If you receive one of these notices please immediately contact an attorney to preserve your rights.
Below is a brief list of some of the issues a landowner should consider after receiving a notice of nuisance and abatement.  


    Humboldt Cannabis Permit Deadline Approaching

    Janssen Malloy LLP would like to remind everyone that the deadline to submit a Commercial Cannabis Activity Registration form for existing cultivation sites is August 23, 2016.
    Janssen Malloy LLP is assisting persons with correctly filling out these forms and the Humboldt County Planning Department is also holding a workshop this Sunday to assist people in filling out the forms.


    August 23rd Deadline for Commercial Cannabis Activity Registration

    The deadline for submitting a Commercial Cannabis Activity Registration has changed and has been the subject of some debate. Janssen Malloy LLP recently met with the Humboldt County Planning Department on behalf of multiple clients and confirmed that the current deadline is August 23rd for those with existing cultivation sites who wish to obtain a permit, which is a prerequisite to eventually obtaining a state license. In an abundance of caution, Janssen Malloy LLP is treating the August 23rd date as the deadline for all registration forms for cannabis cultivation.


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