Dog Attacks/Dog Bites

Janssen Malloy LLP understands that Humboldt County is a dog lover's paradise, but many of our North Coast residents have been menaced by Pit Bulls and other dogs that have not been appropriately socialized. We enjoy the benefits of having Samoa and Moonstone beach to take our dogs, but all Humboldt County residents should feel safe in assuming that the dogs on our beaches, parks and neighborhoods are friendly and well behaved. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Here in Humboldt County there has been an increasing number of serious dog bites and dog attacks caused mainly by Pit Bulls. These dogs are very popular in Northern California in general and along the North Coast especially.

Janssen Malloy LLP's lawyers have the expertise and experience in dog bite law to represent you and or your loved ones in the event of a dog attack or dog bite. If you are attacked by a Pit Bull or other dog, it is important to find an attorney that is familiar with property and insurance laws who can find and prosecute all potentially responsible parties. Our attorneys will work hard to see that you get fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and any other costs incurred because of an attack by a dog or other owned animal.

This past year, we successfully represented a local veterinarian in a highly publicized case in Eureka involving a Pit Bull attack on his two small dogs. The insurance company representing the owner of the home wherein the Pit Bull was housed denied responsibility, claiming that the homeowner did not own the offending Pit Bull and was not aware of its violent propensities. By going house to house and interviewing persons in the Eureka neighborhood where the attack occurred, we were able to prove that the Pit Bull had been to the house on multiple occasions and had menaced other dogs. We were able to establish the homeowner's liability regardless of ownership and recover the monetary value of the lost dog as well as the veterinarian bills for the injured dog. Additionally, we worked with the Humboldt County Animal Control office to make sure that the offending dog's owner was located and brought to justice.

Janssen Malloy LLP has recently obtained a financial recovery for a young woman from Arcata attacked on Samoa Beach by a Pit Bull. Additionally, the Janssen Malloy LLP  recently filed a claim against Humboldt County for negligence in allowing a Pit Bull under its custody and control to exit an animal control vehicle and severely attack a young woman from McKinleyville, resulting in permanent physical and psychological injuries.

We have a proven track record of taking our dog bite cases to jury trial if necessary to obtain a proper recovery for our Humboldt County and North Coast clients. Our firm has the only reported case regarding dog attacks ever decided by the California Supreme Court. Priebe v. Nelson (2006) 39 Cal.4th 1112. We have also written an article for Forum Magazine on holding landlords liable for dog attacks by their tenants, entitled When Fluffy Becomes White Fang: The Legal And Practical Aspects Of Trying A Dog Mauling Case.

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite or dog attack, please contact us for a free consultation.