Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often the most devastating of all motor vehicle accidents, leaving the driver and their passengers with permanent life-changing injuries. Due to the difficulties for many motorists in seeing and avoiding motorcycles, combined with the lack of protections provided by motorcycles, these accidents are frequent and severe. If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you work with an attorney that has experience handling motorcycle accident cases.

An attorney taking on a motorcycle injury case should be familiar with liability issues unique to motorcycle accidents and be experienced with the nature of motorcycle injuries, including traumatic brain injuries.   The lawyers at Janssen Malloy LLP have a long history of successfully representing North Coast motorcycle riders. Our attorneys are competent and experienced in the areas of importance in a motorcycle accident injury case, including issues related to potential obstructions to vision for motorcyclists and cars and trucks, including signs, trees, and buildings. We also have extensive experience in issues related to road design, stopping distances, median barriers, and accident reconstruction related to relative speeds of the vehicles involved. Accident reconstruction often requires working with experts in biomechanics and our attorneys have worked with the top experts on the North Coast for the past three decades.

In addition to understanding the damages that can be caused by a motorcycle injury, an attorney must be familiar with potential design defects with a motorcycle. Our attorneys have handled multiple motor vehicle design defect cases and are familiar with relevant product liability issues associated with recent recalls of motorcycles and off-road vehicles. We are currently engaged in litigation against Yamaha based upon the injuries caused by its defectively designed Rhino product, which has led to multiple serious injuries throughout California and the United States.

Investigations of a motorcycle accident should be conducted immediately following the accident.   To avoid missing any legal filing deadlines, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can provide you with a free consultation regarding your motorcycle injury case and protect your rights to full compensation for your injuries.  


Vehicle Making Improper U-Turn Causing Motorcycle Accident -  Large Confidential Settlement for Insurance Policy Limits
In a recent case in Eureka, California, we represented a gentleman who suffered a concussion when a young woman performed an improper u-turn in the middle of a street causing our client’s motorcycle to collide with the car. Our client was ejected from the motorcycle. Despite wearing a helmet, our client suffered a concussion and permanently lost his sense of smell. The defendant driver initially claimed that she was not at fault. However, our investigation led to the indisputable conclusion that the driver of the car caused the accident. The insurance company for the young woman driving the car tendered the full policy limits resulting in a large confidential settlement for our client.
Motorcycle Rider Ejected Due to Fault of Motorcycle Driver - Large Confidential Settlement
In 2008, we represented a young Eureka woman who was injured while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle when the driver made an improper lane change. Our client suffered severe fractures to both ankles which required surgery. Our client was unable to work again in any jobs that required standing or walking and therefore suffered a loss of future income related to the accident. We were able to achieve a large confidential settlement for our client that permitted her to recover for her medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost future income.