Wrongful Death

Janssen Malloy LLP has been representing North Coast and Humboldt County residents in wrongful death cases since 1976.  Individuals, corporations and government entities can all be liable for wrongful death damages. Janssen Malloy LLP has an established reputation as experienced wrongful death attorneys who have the medical and legal knowledge to take your case to trial and achieve the full measure of justice allowed under the law.

 Recently, our lawyers have taken the lead in representing many Humboldt County families who have lost loved ones due to negligence and understaffing in local skilled nursing facilities in Eureka and Fortuna. In addition to working to protect our Humboldt County citizens from nursing home abuse, we have the most combined experience on the North Coast representing families who have lost loved ones due to accidents on our local roads and highways due to the negligence of other drivers or defective road designs. In many cases, multiple parties can be responsible for the wrongful death of your loved ones and Janssen Malloy LLP has the experience and resources to take on complex cases involving multiple parties.

If you are the father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, or domestic partner of someone involved in a fatal accident, California law permits you to maintain a lawsuit for the loss of your loved one.

If you have questions about whether you and or your other family members are allowed to bring a lawsuit, contact our wrongful death attorneys for a free consultation.

Examples of Recent Cases

Quarter Million Dollar Settlement
Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley represented two adult sisters of a Lake County motorcyclist who was killed when a driver ran a stop sign near Clear Lake.  The case required depositions in Idaho, Oakland and Lakeport, and resolved at a mediation in Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County.
Failure to Monitor Wandering Resident – Large Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement
Our dependant adult abuse litigation team successfully obtained a large confidential settlement from a nursing home on behalf of the daughter of a mentally disabled man who was knowingly permitted to wander alone from the facility into a cold rainy night to die of exposure outside the facility. The confidential settlement included recovery for the pre-death pain and suffering of the decedent, attorney’s fees, and other damages in order to properly compensate the heir for what her father had endured.
Improper Transfer Causing Wrongful Death - Large Confidential Settlement.
Our elder abuse litigation team represented the surviving sister of a young disabled woman who was dropped during a bed transfer by nursing home staff members who failed to take proper precautions and failed to use proper equipment. Our attorneys demonstrated that the nursing home staff was improperly trained to perform the transfer and had an inadequate number of staff to perform the transfer safely. The recovery included compensation for pain and suffering, wrongful death and recovery of attorneys fees for the surviving sister.
Failure to Administer Medication Causing Amputation and Wrongful Death - Large Confidential Settlement.
Our nursing home litigation team obtained a large confidential settlement for plaintiffs in Shasta County and Humboldt County for the loss of their father based upon neglect in a residential care facility. Our investigation uncovered the fact that a doctor’s office prescribed an antibiotic for the resident but the nursing home failed to inform the family that he had developed an ulcer and failed to tell the family that he had been prescribed antibiotics. Nobody at the care facility noted that the antibiotics were not delivered or that the antibiotics were not being given for four days. Left untreated, the resident's condition worsened and the smell from the large black ulcer on his left heel became overpowering. The family observed the odor from the ulcer and that their father’s legs were filled with fluid and therefore demanded that he be transported to the emergency room. He was delivered to the hospital and found to have proteus in the wound on his left heel and proteus in his bloodstream, apparently seeded from the wound on his left heel. As a result of the care home’s neglect, he had his left leg amputated below the knee as a result of the untreated necrotic ulcer on his left heel. Soon thereafter, he passed away as a result of his weakened condition.
Our attorneys have a broad range of experience in representing families in wrongful death claims and stand ready to help you obtain justice. If you or a loved one has suffered a wrongful death, contact us for a free consultation.