Latest U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Digital Privacy Marks Sea Change

Departing from prior precedent, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Friday that in order for law enforcement to collect a substantial amount of information from a cell phone provider about one of its subscriber’s whereabouts by using cell phone tower location information, the government must first apply for a search warrant. In Carpenter v. United States, No. 16-402, Chief Justice John Roberts, writing … Read More

Responding to Humboldt County Nuisance and Abatement Actions

Humboldt County Code Enforcement Unit is currently sending notices of violation and proposed administrative civil penalty notices to landowners based upon satellite imaging.  The notices order the recipients to correct or otherwise remedy the violation within 10 calendar days or risk fines of $10,000 per day.  If you receive one of these notices please immediately contact an attorney to preserve … Read More

Petitions for a Certificate of Rehabilitation & Governor’s Pardons

We are sometimes asked what can be done to clean up a person’s Record of Arrests and Prosecutions, more commonly called a criminal record or RAP sheet. The answer, as it often is with legal questions is: It depends. In the vast majority of cases, once convicted, a criminal defendant is placed on probation. Upon successful completion of probation, that … Read More