Local Permitting Requirement Change to State Cannabis License Law

Yesterday, June 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill No. 94. Senate Bill No. 94 amends the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use Cannabis Act (MCRSA) to create a single regulatory framework for both medical and recreational cannabis. The bill amends MCRSA significantly by repealing the vertical integration requirements under MCRSA, amends the tax structure … Read More

Student Loan Options for the Disabled

If you borrowed certain money from the federal government for student loans and subsequently became disabled and unable to pay, there is a process where you can request and receive a discharge of those loans. If you are totally and permanently disabled, consider applying for a disability discharge of your federal student loan or TEACH Grant service obligation. Once you receive … Read More

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Most people have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which concerns pain and restrictions in the hand and wrist from (mostly) repetitive motion.  Less well known is cubital tunnel syndrome.  The ulnar nerve, which runs down the arm to the hand, goes through a narrow tunnel called the cubital tunnel as it passes through the elbow, then proceeds through the carpal … Read More