The Phantom Income Issue

When starting a new business, the question that every new venture faces is how to fund the operations of the business. Often times, one person agrees to contribute money, while the other person agrees to contribute services. This can lead to an issue known as “phantom income.”  Presently, the tax code places a value on capital contributed to a business, … Read More

Incontestable Trademarks

Federal trademark registration provides certain protections to businesses and other registrants who use and own trademarks and service marks to promote their goods and services. These protections are strengthened when a trademark becomes “incontestable” five years after its registration. Once a mark becomes incontestable, its validity cannot be challenged on a variety of grounds which often haunt other marks not … Read More

Put the “Self” Back into Self-Employed

Recent data available from the Census Bureau suggests that almost 11,000 Humboldt County residents identify as self-employed.  If you own and operate your own business, you’ve likely had occasion to consider California’s employment laws.  There is a great local resource for employers in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.  The Northcoast Employer’s Advisory Council meets regularly, typically in Eureka, to discuss … Read More

California’s New Sick Leave Law Now in Effect

As of July 1, 2015, California’s new sick leave law is in effect.  At this time, Humboldt County employers need a written policy that specifically caps sick leave, or they will be subject to the required statutory accrual rate of one hour of sick pay for every 30 hours worked. If you are a Humboldt County employer and do not know … Read More

Humboldt Needs to Be Ready for AB 266

Janssen Malloy LLP represents a number of local wine and craft beer businesses and has become familiar with the regulatory and licensing rules that must be followed in order for businesses to comply with the law and succeed.  Those rules and regulations have not applied to the marijuana industry in California.  But comprehensive marijuana regulation was a matter of time … Read More