Is There an Umbrella?

Most people would think I am referring to the kind of umbrella that protects you from rain, but today’s discussion is about the kind of “umbrella” or excess liability insurance that provides an additional layer of insurance coverage on top of an underlying policy.  For example, automobile drivers are required under California state law to carry auto liability insurance coverage … Read More

Civil Code Section 813 – Protect Your Real Property!

California Civil Code section 813(link is external) provides a simple means for landowners to protect themselves from someone asserting prescriptive rights or adverse possession. It states, in relevant part: “The holder of record title to land may record in the office of the recorder of any county in which any part of the land is situated, a description of said land … Read More

Physician Assistant Arrest Reporting Requirements

California’s Business and Professions Code requires that Physician Assistants report only (1) the bringing of an indictment or information that charges the Physician Assistant with a felony and/or (2) the conviction of the Physician Assistant, including any verdict of guilty or plea of no contest, of any felony or misdemeanor.  While that should seem simple enough, there is a regulation … Read More