Introducing Our Newest Colleague, William H. Stein, Esq.

Among the many things we at Janssen Malloy LLP are thankful for this holiday, we’re glad to welcome William H. (“Willie”) Stein to our firm as our newest attorney and colleague. Willie is a graduate of UC Davis School of Law, Class of 2018 and originally hails from Lawrence, Kansas. He brings with him an outstanding record of academic achievement, … Read More

Permitting Considerations When Purchasing a Cannabis Farm

Lately, there has been an uptick in the number of cannabis farms holding either a local or state license being bought and sold throughout the County. From a regulatory perspective, purchasing a cannabis farm presents issues with respect to business continuity, disclosure requirements, and other responsible agency requirements for transfer of required permits and authorizations. The following is a brief … Read More

A Full Toolbox to Investigate Your Personal Injury Claim

You pick yourself up off the ground and assess your injuries. You will surely need medical attention, which is rarely cheap in 2018. Who is responsible? When you fall prey to a dangerous condition on public property, whether it is an improperly maintained street, a hole in the sidewalk, or one of many dangers associated with public utilities, it is … Read More

Eye Can See Clearly, Now with AB 443

This legislative session resulted in changes to California’s Optometry Practice Act, which regulates the practice of optometry.  New law in the form of signed and enrolled AB 443 means that California optometrists can now provide habilitative optometric services, use therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for certain purposes, perform intravenous injection for the purpose of performing ocular angiography under limited circumstances, and treat … Read More