Trying the All-Too-Common Dog Bite Case

In 2009 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied the incidence rate of dog bites and found that an estimated 4.5 million dog bites that occur annually nationwide result in over 300,000 hospital emergency department (ED) visits. An ED visit following a dog bite is on average about 50% more expensive than for any other reason. A 1932 California law, … Read More

Humboldt County Commercial Medical Cannabis Ordinance 2.0 is Coming!

For those of you who missed the boat on applying for a permit for new or existing cultivation last December, you may be getting another chance. In April, Humboldt County released a document titled, “Proposed Ordinance Policy Areas and Discussion Items” (“Policy Areas”) for a planned update to the Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance (“CMMLUO”), that will … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Amending Petition Regarding Unqualified Public Defender

On June 29, 2017 visiting Judge Carter found that the Petitioners had standing to pursue the petition to remove David Marcus as Humboldt County Public Defender.  Judge Carter also granted the County’s Demurrer, but with leave to amend so that Petitioners could add additional facts regarding Mr. Marcus’ lack of qualifications after taking his deposition.  Petitioners took Mr. Marcus’ deposition … Read More

Congratulations and Gratitude in Order for Retiring and New Humboldt County Superior Court Bench Officers

On June 2 current and former Humboldt County Superior Court judges and commissioners, collectively referred to as bench officers, and members of the Bar and local community convened for the enrobing of Judge Gregory Elvine-Kreis. Thanks to court staff, you can view the enrobing ceremony here(link is external). Judge Elvine-Kreis was most recently the Supervising Attorney at the Humboldt County Office … Read More