On May 5, 2022, a member of PARTNERSHIP HEALTHPLAN OF CALIFORNIA (“PHC”), a healthcare coverage provider based in Northern California, filed a class action lawsuit in Humboldt County Superior Court challenging PHC’s failure to adequately store and protect sensitive medical information of up to 850,000 enrollees and failing to give notice of the breach to all impacted enrollees. When compared to … Read More

Tenant Protection Act of 2019 Remains a Minefield for Landlords

Passed in 2019, Assembly Bill (AB) 1482, the Tenant Protection Act, imposed statewide rent control and limited evictions to specific categories of “just cause” for most residential rental units. It also requires landlords to offer relocation assistance, either in the form of a check to the tenant or a waiver of one month’s rent, in cases where the “just cause” … Read More

Civil Litigation Paralegal, Legal Secretary

The Janssen Law Firm is growing. We are looking for talented employees to join our team.  We are a ten-lawyer Humboldt County law firm, primarily handling plaintiffs’ personal injury, nursing home litigation, real estate law, business transactions, estates and trusts, criminal defense, and health care law. Our firm is top-rated on AVVO, and we have won numerous awards for trial … Read More

New Vendor for CURES: Submitters Must Report by February 9, 2022

The State of California has changed its CURES vendor, and all providers who upload information to CURES must use the new vendor for reporting dispensation data as of February 9, 2022. Information about how to change your access as a submitter to CURES is being disseminated by the California Department of Justice, and you can find more information here:

Procedural Hoops When Suing the Federal Government

When the federal government (or one of its agencies) is the defendant, strict compliance with the Federal Tort Claims Act (“FTCA”) is required.  The FTCA is the exclusive money damages remedy for negligent acts or omissions of federal government employees acting within the scope of their federal employment (28 USC section 2679).  A current Janssen Malloy LLP case illustrates the … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Recovers $150,000 Combined Policy Limits in Oregon Collision Case

Janssen Malloy LLP recently obtained a combined $150,000 policy limits recovery for an couple injured in a head-on collision near Brookings, Oregon. Janssen Malloy LLP partners Michael Crowley and Megan Yarnall handled the matter. Dennis and Trudy Hunt, on their way to move into their just purchased home in Brookings, were struck head-on by a motorist driving a pickup truck … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Recovers $250,000 in Knee Injury Case

Janssen Malloy LLP last week resolved a motor vehicle personal injury matter for a quarter million dollars in a mediated settlement.  Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley handled the case, which involved numerous experts and contested issues of medical causation and future prognosis.  The case arose from a 2017 incident in which our client was a passenger in a cab … Read More

Certain California Employers Now Required to Rehire Employees Laid Off Due to Pandemic

On Friday April 16, 2021, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 93 into law, creating rehire rights for certain Californians laid off due to Covid-19. The bill created California Labor Code section 2810.8 which requires employers in certain industries to notify laid off employees of all open job positions for which those employees are qualified. The employer must give the laid … Read More

You’ve heard of Negligence, but What is Negligence Per Se?

The term “negligence” is usually understood to be a failure to exercise the ordinary care of a prudent person.  But what if the claim of negligence is based on a defendant’s violation of a statute, ordinance or public safety regulation?  This is known as “negligence per se,” which presumes defendant’s duty and breach (failure to exercise due care); the only … Read More