Physician Probation Disclosure

SB 1448 (authored by Senator Hill) was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on September 19, 2018.  The new law, effective July 2019, requires physicians who are on probation with a licensing agency, such as the Medical and Osteopathic Boards of California, to provide patients with a disclosure prior to a patient’s first visit.  The disclosure must be in … Read More

Eye Can See Clearly, Now with AB 443

This legislative session resulted in changes to California’s Optometry Practice Act, which regulates the practice of optometry.  New law in the form of signed and enrolled AB 443 means that California optometrists can now provide habilitative optometric services, use therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for certain purposes, perform intravenous injection for the purpose of performing ocular angiography under limited circumstances, and treat … Read More

Employment Arbitration Agreements May Be Shown the Door

If the Governor signs AB 3080, 2019 will usher in a new era for employees in California.  Initially intended to address “lawyer tactics” in response to workplace sexual harassment claims, the bill (1) makes it unlawful to require arbitration agreements as a condition of employment (and to retaliate against an employee who does not agree to arbitration) and (2) limits … Read More

Physician Assistant Arrest Reporting Requirements

California’s Business and Professions Code requires that Physician Assistants report only (1) the bringing of an indictment or information that charges the Physician Assistant with a felony and/or (2) the conviction of the Physician Assistant, including any verdict of guilty or plea of no contest, of any felony or misdemeanor.  While that should seem simple enough, there is a regulation … Read More

Address Yourself!

Just a friendly lawyerly reminder to update your address of record with the Medical Board of California, the Osteopathic Medical Board of California, or the Board of Registered Nursing.  Most licensing agencies require that licensees register an address where they can be reliably contacted for professional purposes. The agencies will use the address you provide when they send relevant licensing … Read More

California’s Medical Board Will Not Fade into the Sunset

The Medical Board of California (“Board”), and its enacting legislation, the Medical Practice Act, which licenses and regulates California’s physicians, has officially been extended another four years. Governor Brown signed California’s Senate Bill No.798, which extends the Board’s sunset date to January 1, 2022.  Of interest to physicians brought before the Board on disciplinary actions and their lawyers, Governor Brown … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Supports California Women Lawyers

Janssen Malloy LLP advocates for the advancement of women in the legal profession and for women in society.  In support of our efforts, Janssen Malloy LLP is pleased to support California Women Lawyers, the only statewide bar association for women in California, by sponsoring its newsletter.  We encourage all attorneys in California to join California Women Lawyers and monetize your … Read More

Focus on the Medical Board’s Enforcement Actions

The Medical Board of California issued its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017.  It reveals that out of the 9,619 complaints made to the Board’s enforcement program, the Board took a total of 466 disciplinary actions — an increase from 338 in the year 2015 – 2016 and from 365 in the year 2014 – 2015. Of last … Read More

New Protections for Child Sex Abuse Victims

Sex abuse and harassment are much in the news of late.  Recently, California’s Governor signed into law a bill to help sexually abused children who decide to hold perpetrators accountable.  In the past, child victims who sued for justice were subjected to overly long psychological examinations by defense teams.  As a result of Senator Beall’s SB 755 legislation, the new … Read More