Advocating for Victims in a Companion Criminal Case

Often in personal injury and wrongful death cases the District Attorney’s (“DA”) office will be in a position to consider filing criminal charges.  In such circumstances the attorney you hire to represent you in the civil case should protect your rights and give voice to your concerns in the associated criminal case.  The concept of crime victims having specific rights in … Read More

California Court Walks Fine Line Between Speech and Resisting Arrest

Whenever someone gives law enforcement lip, refuses to provide identifying information, or even verbally attempts to interfere with an investigation, our constitutional rights to free speech and to remain silent are in tension with an often-used California law prohibiting resisting, delaying, or obstructing a peace officer, public official, or EMT when that person is engaged in the performance of his … Read More

What to Do if Law Enforcement Has Contacted Your Child

Criminal investigations can be a harrowing and intimidating experience for adults suspected of having committed a crime, so it comes as no surprise that being the focus of a juvenile delinquency investigation can be scary to a minor and overwhelming to parents. Any minor brought before a court on a juvenile delinquency petition is entitled to a court-appointed attorney. However, … Read More