Congratulations and Gratitude in Order for Retiring and New Humboldt County Superior Court Bench Officers

On June 2 current and former Humboldt County Superior Court judges and commissioners, collectively referred to as bench officers, and members of the Bar and local community convened for the enrobing of Judge Gregory Elvine-Kreis. Thanks to court staff, you can view the enrobing ceremony here(link is external). Judge Elvine-Kreis was most recently the Supervising Attorney at the Humboldt County Office of Conflict Counsel, one of two County Public Defender offices. Governor Brown announced the appointment on May 22, and Judge Elvine-Kreis has been presiding over predominantly Family Law and Civil proceedings since taking the bench to replace Judge Bruce Watson, who had retired in January 2016.

On June 12 Humboldt County Superior Court announced that following twenty years of public service as a judge, including as Humboldt County’s first female superior court judge, Judge Marilyn B. Miles will be retiring on July 31. Prior to her judgeship, Judge Miles served as Directing Attorney of the Eureka Office of California Indian Services. In that role she had the uncommon experience of arguing a case before the United States Supreme Court, Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association. You can read about that case, and even listen to audio recording of the oral argument, here(link is external). Judge Miles has been serving with distinction since her election to the Municipal Court in November 1996. She was sworn in as a Superior Court judge after the courts consolidated in 1998 and has served with distinction in that capacity ever since.

Finally, on June 19 the court announced the hiring of Timothy A. Canning as Court Commissioner, effective July 1, 2017. Commissioner Canning had been employed by the court as a Court Research Attorney, then as Interim Commissioner, prior to being hired in a permanent capacity. The Court’s press release announcing Commssioner Canning’s hiring is linked to here(link is external).

The attorneys, paralegals, and staff at Janssen Malloy LLP thank Judge Miles for her many years of service, and congratulate Judge Elvine-Kreis and Commissioner Canning on their new roles.