A Full Toolbox to Investigate Your Personal Injury Claim

You pick yourself up off the ground and assess your injuries. You will surely need medical attention, which is rarely cheap in 2018. Who is responsible? When you fall prey to a dangerous condition on public property, whether it is an improperly maintained street, a hole in the sidewalk, or one of many dangers associated with public utilities, it is often unclear who has the legal duty to fix it. It can be disheartening to know that an accident is someone’s fault, but not to be sure who that is.

At Janssen Malloy LLP, we have the tools to bring clarity to murky facts to help you recover from accidents caused by the negligence of others. We regularly use a full range of investigative tools to find those responsible for dangerous conditions so our clients can recover.

Born from California’s public policy favoring transparency in government, the California Public Records Act (Cal. Gov. Code § 6250 et. seq.) allows citizens to request and receive records from state and local agencies. This has proven to be a powerful tool for attorneys trying to determine responsibility for dangerous conditions on public property. It is not only useful for finding public entity defendants, but in many cases can also help us piece together relationships between private entities who might be responsible. These records requests can be difficult to use, because public entities require them to be carefully drafted and very specific. The attorneys at Janssen Malloy LLP are adept at tailoring these requests to get the information we need.

Janssen Malloy LLP maintains relationships with private investigators. Our investigators generally have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and are adept at using a human touch to get what others might miss. A good investigator can shed light on complex facts in an invaluable way, allowing us to tell your story clearly and persuasively. We have relationships with some of the best in this area.

We also work with scientific and medical experts across a broad spectrum of knowledge in our trial preparation. Experts help us to understand the difficult medical issues that arise in personal injury cases. They also testify at trial to the causes and effects of an injury. 

Janssen Malloy LLP’s personal injury attorneys are skilled investigators in their own right, but we don’t stop there. When complex accidents occur, Janssen Malloy LLP attorneys often reach out to other skilled professionals to help us make our case. If you are wondering what’s next when you’ve been injured by a dangerous condition of unknown origin, we are ready to bring new clarity to help you recover the full amount of your damages.