Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Most people have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which concerns pain and restrictions in the hand and wrist from (mostly) repetitive motion.  Less well known is cubital tunnel syndrome.  The ulnar nerve, which runs down the arm to the hand, goes through a narrow tunnel called the cubital tunnel as it passes through the elbow, then proceeds through the carpal tunnel at the wrist.  Both the carpal and cubital tunnels provide the nerve sheath through which the nerve passes, and both present a “bottleneck” of sorts, since there is such a narrow space for the nerve to traverse.  Cubital tunnel injuries can occur from trauma, such a blow to the elbow sustained in a motor vehicle collision.   A recent case handled by Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley illustrates the challenges an identifying and proving this injury.
Heather Gervais suffered a blow to the elbow in a motor vehicle collision, which first presented as a deep contusion in the elbow area.  Due to continued pain and limitations with that arm, she was referred for orthopedic evaluation.  Her orthopedist diagnosed cubital tunnel syndrome, and prescribed a course of physical therapy in hopes of addressing her loss of grip strength, pain and restricted motion.  Her symptoms persisted, and he ultimately performed a cubital tunnel release surgery, in an effort to release the compression of the ulnar nerve.  Despite some initial improvement, the pain and limitations continued.  Her orthopedist referred her to an orthopedist who specialized in treatment of elbow and hand nerve injuries.  Heather underwent a nerve transposition surgery and decortication of the area where the nerve was compressed.  Both surgeries necessarily caused scarring along the arm and elbow area.  A scar revision evaluation was needed to assess what scar revision surgery would entail to reduce the size, appearance and sensitivity of the scarred area.
Presentation of the complex nature of her injury, the surgeries as a result of the collision trauma, and the need and cost of future scar revision surgery required experienced legal counsel.  The Janssen Malloy LLP trial lawyers have expertise in handling complex medical issues, and such experience is critical in successfully representing the client and maximizing her recovery.  In Heather’s case, those efforts resulted in obtaining the full $100,000 policy limits coverage available to the defendant.  Janssen Malloy LLP’s lawyers stand by ready to assist you or your loved ones when seasoned trial counsel is needed.