Deadlines in Cannabis-Related Permitting

Since the December 31, 2016 deadline passed, many cannabis farmers have asked what the next deadlines are that may apply to them. A couple of deadlines of which cannabis farmers should be aware:

  • Six months from the date initial application submitted – any entity or individual who applied to Humboldt County Planning for any of the three permit types is obligated to submit additional documentation within six months of the date when they first submitted application materials.  If you are a client, Janssen Malloy LLP is actively monitoring your application and inactivity during this time will not affect the processing of your application. We have been sending letters to the County alerting them that we are actively managing these applications and that the deadline for completion of your cannabis permit application is yet to be determined. Please schedule a meeting so that we can go over the remaining items on your application and complete a cultivation and operations plan for your project. 
  • June 30, 2017 – anyone diverting surface water must file an Initial Statement with the State Water Resources Control Board.  There is no fee to file the Initial Statement, and it protects a landowner’s right to file for a permit down the road with the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Water Rights.  “Surface water” is defined broadly to include groundwater sources that are hydrologically connected to surface water.  This means that even an owner’s well may be subject to the State Water Board’s regulatory authority.

 Whether you’re a current Janssen Malloy LLP client or someone who submitted a partial application to meet the County’s December 31, 2016 deadline and is in need of additional help to complete the permit application process, call our firm to schedule an appointment and discuss the work that needs to be done to finish your application.