Developing a Wage Loss Claim in a Personal Injury Case

One type of damages that is very common in personal injury cases, such as in a motor vehicle collision, is lost wages. Unfortunately, employers are inconsistent about the type of records they keep and therefore what might be readily available for an employee who has been injured outside the course and scope of employment to provide to document their losses stemming from missed work due to injury.
Therefore, it is important for an employee to notify her or his employer soon after the event that resulted in the injury that these records may be necessary in support of a claim against a third party. Another approach can be for the plaintiff’s attorney to work with the client to prepare a wage loss verification for the employer to review and sign. However, some employers have a practice of choosing not to sign off on such paperwork, and insurers view such a verification with more skepticism than a more complete presentation of wage loss documentation through timesheets and other such records.
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