Effective Advocacy for Cyclists Includes a Healthy Dose of Education

Humboldt County is a hidden gem for California cyclists. Everything from excellent road cycling to downhill mountain biking is available here, as well as a climate that is (mostly) conducive to bicycle commuting. The County has shown its willingness to invest in bicycle infrastructure, with major projects like the Humboldt Bay Trail and the Annie and Mary Rail Trail in the works.

Unfortunately, cycling here can be hazardous, as well. Commonly used bike routes include dangerous pinch points and problematic intersections, making some risk unavoidable. Many drivers believe cyclists have no right to use public roads and treat them accordingly. When a bicycle accident produces injury, Janssen Malloy LLP attorneys are ready to step in and represent the interests of injured cyclists.

Injured cyclists regularly face an uphill battle from the beginning when seeking recompense for their injuries. Police and defendant insurers may rush to judgment and assign fault to a cyclist who was simply exercising their legal right to use the road. Negotiations with insurers are often shot through with the assumption that if a bicyclist is “in the way” they must not have had the right to be there.

The credibility and expertise of the attorneys at Janssen Malloy LLP can level the playing field for injured cyclists. In bicyclist injury cases, a large part of our role is to educate those on the other side about the rights of cyclists under the law. With effective communication of the rights of cyclists and the duty of drivers toward them, we can set the tone to obtain a much more favorable result.

Janssen Malloy, LLP is proud to advocate for cyclists in this area. Not only have we obtained favorable results for many cyclists injured through the negligence and wrongdoing of others, but we work on access issues facing mountain bikers and related cases. Willie Stein, David Nims, and Michael J. Crowley are cyclists themselves and understand the range of issues facing riders of all skill levels in Humboldt County and along the North Coast. We are glad to do our part to protect the rights of those who enjoy bicycling in this beautiful area.