Introducing Our Newest Colleague, William H. Stein, Esq.

Among the many things we at Janssen Malloy LLP are thankful for this holiday, we’re glad to welcome William H. (“Willie”) Stein to our firm as our newest attorney and colleague. Willie is a graduate of UC Davis School of Law, Class of 2018 and originally hails from Lawrence, Kansas. He brings with him an outstanding record of academic achievement, a midwestern-nice personality, and a great sense of humor.
Willie began working on some legal research and writing and regulatory projects under the supervision of the firm’s attorneys in early September. You may have even noticed he’s already tackled his first post on this very blog. But Willie got some outstanding news ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday: he, along with 3,383 relieved test-takers, passed the July 2018 California Bar Exam. We’re thrilled that Willie has joined our firm and if you’re a client, you will be too once you have the chance to meet him and work with him.