Janssen Malloy LLP Obtains $100,000 Policy Limit for Injured Bicyclist

Janssen Malloy LLP this week resolved an injured bicyclist’s case for the defendant’s $100,000 policy limits coverage.  Our client was waiting for traffic to clear before crossing a street in Eureka when struck from behind by an inattentive motorist, suffering a complex shoulder fracture injury when thrown to the pavement.  Our client’s injury involved three fractures to the humeral head (the humerus connects to the shoulder joint), which caused post-traumatic arthritis in the joint (arthritis jump-started by trauma).  Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley handled the matter, presenting a comprehensive settlement demand to the defendant’s auto liability carrier, which included an expert report from the client’s treating orthopedic surgeon on the nature of his injury and the residual medical issues the incident left him with.  Once the client had completed formal physical therapy rehabilitation, consult with the treating surgeon and subsequent expert report provided the documentation to obtain an early and full resolution of our client’s case.

Bicyclists are especially exposed when riding on city streets, even though they have the exact same right to be on the streets as automobiles.  Motorists are required to maintain at least a three foot wide cushion of space between their vehicle and any bicyclist to ensure safety to the bicyclist.  In reality, many motorists do not maintain that distance, and do not make the effort to be aware of bicyclists right in front of or beside them.  Some motorists actually think bicyclists should not be on the road at all, despite the Vehicle Code giving them the same rights to the roadway as cars.  The damage and injury a motor vehicle can cause to a person on a bicycle can be severe or even fatal.  If you or  a loved one is injured due to the carelessness of a motorist, it is essential to be represented by experienced trial counsel that can position the case for full and fair compensation for the injured person. The attorneys at Janssen Malloy LLP have the background to successfully handle cases of serious personal injury, and stand ready to assist when the need arises.