Janssen Malloy LLP Recovers $500,000 Policy Limits in SF Ladder Case

Janssen Malloy LLP recently obtained a $500,000 policy limits recovery for a client injured after falling from a ladder with rotten rungs in San Francisco.  Our client was visiting family in San Francisco over the holidays when she went up a fixed wooden ladder that ascended to the roof to look at the view.  Unbeknownst to our client, the top rungs were rotten, and gave way when she had nearly reached the top.  She fell almost two stories, landing on concrete below, suffering a skull fracture, brain bleed and fractured femur.  She was in San Francisco General Hospital for several days, undergoing a rod stabilization surgery in her leg and monitoring for the skull fractures, which fortunately did not require surgery.  The defendant property owners’ insurance carrier initially denied any liability, but eventually paid the $500,000 policy limits to resolve the case.  Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley handled the matter, and engaged a building engineer for inspection and expert testimony on the unsafe condition of the building’s ladder, and a neuropsychologist to evaluate the brain injury.  Premises liability cases always present challenges in proving notice on the part of the property owner of the dangerous condition, the length of time the condition existed, and the foreseeability of a person using the property in its unsafe condition.  In this case, early investigation, expert review, and damages presentation resulted in settlement for the maximum amount shortly after the lawsuit was served on the defendants.  Janssen Malloy LLP’s attorneys are experienced in handling a wide variety of personal injury cases, and stand ready to assist you or your family when the need arises.