Marijuana Tax on Local Ballots This November

Earlier this week, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 in favor of placing a proposed marijuana tax measure on local ballots this November. The measure, if approved, would add ordinances to the Humboldt County Code effectuating a tax on commercial marijuana cultivation operations. The proposed tax due for each cultivation operation depends on the size of the grow site as well as whether plants are grown outdoors or inside. This week’s vote comes after discussion of similar proposals earlier this year and much discussion regarding the appropriate level of taxation. The proposed language to be placed on the ballot is copied below:

Humboldt County Commercial Marijuana Cultivation Measure. To maintain and improve essential services, including public safety, job creation; crime investigation/prosecution; environmental cleanup/restoration; children/family mental health; drug ehabilitation; other County services, shall Humboldt County establish a $1 – $3 per square foot, based upon type of grow, annual commercial marijuana cultivation tax generating approximately $7.3 million annually until ended by voters, with all revenue for the County, none for the State, annual audits, and public review?